The Optimal Financial Group combines the best practices in the fields of law, accounting and financial planning to provide professionals and business owners with a service offering to meet their unique planning needs. Our goal is to provide comprehensive financial support across all major disciplines to include risk management, asset protection, entity structuring, tax mitigation, estate planning, asset allocation and wealth accumulation. We provide independent, unbiased advice and constantly strive to recommend what’s best for our clients, not what is simply suitable. Our vision is to provide a single source of advice and guidance and to ultimately shorten the time it takes our clients to reach their financial goals through on-going coaching, mentoring and communication.

The Optimal Financial Group brings its clients a team of professionals from the legal, accounting and financial planning fields to serve their interests. Instead of having to use several separate professional service providers, The Optimal Financial Group brings all of these practices under one roof. This integrated approach brings clients an unsurpassed level of service that is coordinated, consistent and ensures maximum impact. With over 500 clients in 45 states we have a proven track record of delivering tangible financial results in the form of:

  • tax savings through proper use of entity structures and constant planning;
  • lower cost insurance strategies;
  • improved investment returns with lower risk through active portfolio management and proper asset allocation;
  • lower borrowing costs through competitive lending;
  • estate plans that are properly funded and integrated with the overall plan which eliminate transfer taxes, and
  • asset protection strategies that prevent risk of loss.

We welcome you to The Optimal Financial Group and its team of skilled strategists united with the common objective of helping you achieve your financial goals!